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. good evening. dick waves right now u.s. warships and submarines are on the moves libya. it comes one day after u.s. ambassador christopher stephens a bay area native and three members of his staff were killed. tonight there is evidence to suggest that the stop the attack on u.s. consulates may have been a terrorist attack not the mumbai islands originally suspected. a memorial was held a short time ago but first-reporter elizabeth cook shows us how the attack winds down in to the political fallout. dirichlet's u.s. intelligence officials tell cbs news this was not an out of control demonstration. but a carefully planned attack by a gang of thugs armed with guns and rocket propelled grenades. united states thinks a terrorist took advantage of the demonstration last night on the anniversary of an 11. >>> in burned out building is all the remains of the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the of weight ambassador christopher stevens and another member in the main building when the attack was turned into a four hour gun battle began. the u.s. officials still do not know whether he was shot to d
the highest rate in the state >>> a high murder rate it as a lot to do with rival gangs >>> the d.a.'s office is hemorrhaging lawyers the work load is unmanageable. >>> over the course of the last six months we've had 10-15 percent leave that is a constant over the last couple of years. you can only get so much work when you diminish the service >>> deputy district attorney barry grove says they are leaving because of new contract it imposed by the board of supervisors it decreases pay increases retirement age and makes them responsible for health and dental coverage. >>> we stand ready to agree what is necessary but not is not what is political >>> i don't know i have a response to that chisholm she is the chairman of the board of supervisors we feel we have a fair offer on the table that lowers costs for the life of the contract which is short-term, addresses pension reform and lowers health care real liability. >>> if they argued it is anything but fair that public defenders not forced to make cuts >>> they're spending more to get criminals out of jail than to prosecute them >>> the das ar
young strom could tonight spites for his life in the u.s. army reserves received officer for seven years he is here the medical center family by his side. during the best secant is alive. stinkweeds ... there's a report of the apostle of the service possibly down. that is the apostle possible 911 dispatch from this morning that the father of four ends chp officer of seven years on my support. his family visited throughout the evening. >>> and for the best and we want to come home unfortunately we have an officer that is out there any condition. coffee officer young sam is not only a co-worker but he is also a friend. the officer was making a traffic stop on a jeep. the driver suddenly opened fire, another chp officer who arrived as back up shot and wounded the suspect. he then held young sam until paramedics arrived. the suspect died in hospital cbs five has learned that he was driving was last registered to a person and they point to the registered owner couldn't afford the towing fees and left them in the hands of a 2 yd. he hadn't seen his seat since until now. the waves the officer
the profit mohammad. protests have spread to nine countries from yemen or the storm the u.s. embassy to iraq and egypt in cairo protesters clashed with police the state department prices for bigger protests tomorrow following friday prayers. >>> will learn more about who is behind the assault on the u.s. consulate in libya elizabeth cook on who they are and how they infiltrated what was supposed to be a secret safe house. >>> a deputy minister said the attacks were organized a two- part operation by heavily-armed militants he said they may have been kept off to the location by the safe house by espy within the security force. >>> a radical islamic group is the leading suspect in the attack the name means " supporters of islamic law " officials described as offshoot of al qaeda. one of the attackers photographed at the scene. officials have made arrests. the fbi begins the investigation by interviewing the 30 american survivors who are now at a u.s. military base in germany. the attacker struck at 10:00 p.m. tuesday and were within the compound firing on the main building where ambassador chr
and computer monitors the require that they would be recycled the state even charges u.s. special fee. tonight in the story will see only on cbs five many of those tvs now in doubt that the regular dump. but you still have to pay that recycling fee. >>> you bring them in drop them off, because california once hemicycles. and we all pay for it. a six to $10 surcharge every time you buy a new tv or computer goes to making sure your old one doesn't end up polluting the environment. they're called a cathode grade 2 or co2 foreshores. this class is filled with toxic lead in the goal is to keep it out of landfills but now will end up there after all. his with the state's department of toxic control. >>> the can do the math there are millions and millions of pounds of glass in the stream every year in california. the problem is under state regulation it can only go to two places to extract alleged or to a factory to make more of the same crt tvs. the market is drying up because there is no need demands. as a result the glasses piling up in unsafe places. three years ago they cbs five investigation
girl who collided with an s u v while riding her bike >>> this intersection one of the busiest in town >>> i saw the hellman and bicycle and a close it was released that >>> and her husband was also hit by a car in the exact same area 20 years ago >>> they fly down here and there is no speed limit posted >>> police say it was a head-on collision the bicycle was traveling west and the s u v traveled east of their children ride their bikes to school and sometimes downright and the correct side of the road >>> i'll explain they need to ride in a predictable way like cars >>> folks 11 the area and set up a memorial with flowers and candles across the street from where the accident took place, police said the driver of the s u v is cooperating with them they don't think alcohol or drugs a factor sinaloa middle school sent out a statement to parents that will provide counseling for children tomorrow. elizabeth cook cbs 5 >>> not uncommon to see marijuana growers in backyards tonight something different, you're looking at a pot garden that cover an entire neighborhood, if the south side of s
here >>> the men facing charges are elisha rector and jesse robbers both in their 20s their roles in the death remain unknown. >>> a glimpse and the possible motive for a father accused of kidnapping his two children and taking them to seek onboard a stolen yacht. christopher maffei appeared and redwood city courtroom to face eight felony counts including kidnapping. he interrupted the hearing to warn the judge the children have been " put back in the place they are abused " the children's mother dismiss the claim as a pediatric nurse in my profession to help children not harm them. for the sake of our children i know chris can take full responsibility for his actions. >>> faking and death on facebook and the supposed victim as 7 year old boy reporter michelle g. lee on what may have been the motive >>> i dunno why they have feel bad for them >>> a cruel individual to great eight separate facebook pages and clamed a little fulton boy killed in an accident when he is a life. it has happened to have the air ramirez. i met his distraught mother at the fullerton police department she
the building in oakland. did we its u.s. soon that that money was due to him. >>> is not true. and it is inappropriate for you to make that assumption. >>> pour this is inappropriate for you to come in here? did we you said you're going to be open and these are questions. >>> to in your assuming things. >>> yes you did i am asking you. >>> this interview is over. the airways later he called and requested another interview. and he apologized. i want to thank you for the opportunity to talk about some of the questions that you have. he insists he runs an ethical and legitimate company. it's just not the way to do it. >>> mario war has requested that second interview only when you file the police report. your eyes is now accusing it charges attorney denies. and oakland's it was gunshots by day and by night in a city council debate over whether to spend more money tracking gunfire. reporter mark serra on how well shot spotter really works forecast strapped oakland. >>> to is an hour before oakland safety committee began discussing expand the crime fighting tool called shot s
to southern california to c.s. >>> it is totally unfair >>> to make matters worse once the fresno home opens the state says it will only accept aid veterans a month at that rate the holmes not beak full for three years >>> a bay area mother who left her 10 year-old daughter during a robbery attempt at a morgan hill grocery store has been arrested marcie kielan was taken into custody at a hotel east of reno she spent on the run for nine days after a 11 month old son was with their is in protective custody. he even left her daughter at safeway holding the bag after they tried to steal a car full of groceries the daughter is worth their grandmother and will not face charges. thousands of cyclists took to the streets tonight and to go over the streets of san francisco, police are watching letting it happen drivers are furious cyclists unapologetic son came to blows reporter christin ayers with the bike ride known as critical mass. >>> there were celebrating 20th anniversary tonight at justin herman plaza that bike rides night all over the city officers justed by and watched while critical mass d
the democratic national convention in also go to cbs s f dot com and check out kcbs radio >>> dumbarton bridge back open tonight at of schedule the bridge reopened at 7:19 p.m., 10 hours earlier than planned all six lanes closed for retrofit project crews replaced an old seismic expansion joint it gives the bridge more room to move safely during an earthquake. it was expected to last until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning caltrans says all work on time and problem free. >>> the weather has cooperated and the job has gone smoothly. we did builds in contingency time. >>> caltrans says the last closure for the retrofit project expected to be finished early next year. >>> a grass fire scorched 150 a. in east bay tonight firefighters guided contained it broke out between pittsburgh and concord at 5:30 p.m. cal fire made several aerial drops while federal firefighters battled the flames on the ground the flames spread slowly. it was contained in 2 hours the cause under investigation. hot and dry in east bay meteorologist paul dionne of tracks the conditions we welcome you as the newest member of cbs 5 wea
,000 fired on police and 19 people killed, u.s. diplomats tried to reduce the and her by paying for ads on pakistan on a television they show president obama and hillary clinton denouncing the thumb. >>> how often does the bay area pause and look up we did today to take in a spectacular sight the space shuttle endeavor. >>> it could be called a swan song final low altitude bay area flyby beginning over east bay and is subject to light >>> we thought it would be forever it is the pickup truck >>> at the same time as the tax revision is 747 caring endeavor as thousands cannot to witness that >>> awesome once-in-a-lifetime >>> empower fall and amazing made me proud to feel an american. >>> from the north overran the aircraft and spacecraft made at give us the day is breathtaking moment flying above the golden gate bridge. some people took the day off work others called and said so they can witness history >>> it won't be there tomorrow or next week the shuttle the last chance to see it >>> after leaving san francisco endeavor flew down the peninsula and over moffett field were thousands ga
from the u.s. government the supermarket chain uses the either a fine program to confirm employment eligibility. >>> many retailers across the country are pushed to adopt the program >>> e verify a government run program that compares information like social security numbers on applications with government records but its accuracy and in finding unauthorized workers less than 5%. >>> we understand there are criticisms we agree with those criticisms however it is something we have been asked to do from the department of homeland security. >>> the decision met with protests from religious and labor leaders one of the chain was founded by a mexican immigrant they accuse the chain of using e verify to intimidate workers when workers are trying to organize them. >>> it is a voluntary program carries they would adopt it in a community with immigrant workers. >>> the retail clerks' union has been battling against me pueblo to organize its workers the first time that they're called a boycott scheduled to begin saturday. len ramirez cbs 5 >>> they could not be concurrently in rolled at st.
on sale this week under the pen name " mark s. allen " you can see the in the 160 minutes sunday on cbs 5 >>> and out of this world federer lab space shuttle endeavor to soar over the bay area and on its way to its resting place it will take off from the kennedy space center on a boeing 747 it will make 11 of passover several cities including houston the shuttle will be seen over san francisco on september 20th >>> a good opportunity for our kids to see how technology works >>> this represents a symbolic home coming california is worthy of butter's main engines were constructed >>> and never will touch down for good at lax and travel through loss angeles before delivered to the california side center. >>> the super middleweight champ gets ready for the fight of his life andre ward made his way to this afternoon he fine-tuned his body before the big match up reporter julie goodrich shows us how to eat like a champ. >>> olympic gold medalist boxer and bay area native andre ward facing the fight this career against champ jack dawson, the crowd gathered at oakland city center for the weigh in
the real thing from a fake. tirolese is this bad real or counterfeits? that is the $950 question carola s.i. has been trying to answer. typically its eyes on the price tag and i thought i was getting a bargain. this cell for $2,000 plus an upscale stores. far away from the t. j. max in suburban philadelphia where she found her bad security special area reserved for high-end merchandise. i took the car out and said it has to be real they don't sell fake items here. >>> she was so thrilled she bought another one for a sister with nearly $2,000 a designer bags in hand she arrived home to make some sad discoveries. >>> did not feel right there were not soft they use only materials from italy. there should be no made in india lining or new york weather tolling. costa workmanship and the missing press indicate that that is not authentic. they believe the original bags were purchased from the store by someone the capped the originals and then returns cheap counterfeit versions like those sold by street vendors that eight bags went undetected and entered the store merchandise flow. the amax add
crashes could be prevented every year in the u.s. alone. just because he is the mayor does not mean that he should discuss get off if other people did not get off. they've been battling the police units after a decade of budget deficits reposed for pension reform that the voters overwhelmingly approved. do think there was some kind of vendetta? >>> i do not know i did not see any evidence of that i think the officer was just doing his job. the mayor will likely does pay the fine plus court these we tried calling the police but we did not hear back. kid does san jose. dear ill wait six we're getting a look at new surveillance video from last month's chevron refinery fire in richmond. illicit two minutes for the weizman puc to turn black and start shooting up into the sky. reporter chris harris with what else we've learned about the pipe that fails. >>> and dana tonight we found out that the pipe that failed was in terrible condition in fact in some areas it was no bigger than this small stack of papers investigators say chevron overlooks the problem during inspections last year. fo
are described as african-american men in their 20s-40's >>> the now petaluma national team honored today by the oakland a's at the coliseum a chance of a lifetime, the team when on the field today to stretch with the pros and play some catch and get autographs. this happen before they a's red sox game this evening for the little leaguers it was something they will never forget. >>> not a lot kids from petaluma get to go out to the oakland coliseum and stretch with the oakland a's and get their autographs that is so cool i love that. >>> petaluma is little league team finished 5-2 in the world series that lost a heartbreaker to tennessee after making an amazing comeback 15-5 deficit this scored 10 runs in the sixth inning a parade honors the team set for sunday. this week in means the start of football season for colleges and high schools in san jose it the celebration was about more than tonight's first kickoff mark sayre says it was also a tribute to a war hero. >>> the leland high school tigers and castro valley trojans kicked off the game but a celebration of a life and legacy this ga
accident, while women can buy an s u v win it went out of control and slammed into a restaurant hospitalize tonight with major injuries the crash took place at 5:00 p.m. at fourth street downtown san rafael. the s u v jumped a sidewalk crashed into lindi's rest run a 78 year-old woman was hit and pushed into the restaurant and trapped under the vehicle she was taken to marin general hospital in. >>> the street was closed to traffic except for vendors >>> the driver was there for the farmer's market the restaurant was closed, no one was inside except for one person cleaning she was not hurt neither was at the driver the driver was questioned and released police to not believe drugs or alcohol involved >>> in less than 12 hours shall see the space shuttle endeavor in the bay area the shuttle landed at edwards air force base today tomorrow morning it takes one last flight around northern california before going to was permanent home in los angeles >>>shuttle has ever been to northern california before >>> the shuttle piggybacked on a modified boeing 747 when is the best time and place to see t
could have been far worse >>> the u.s. chemical safety board revealed the section of pipe that ruptured had lost 80 percent of its thickness due to corrosion >>> in post ends in measurement is the surviving portion of the pipe had a thickness as low as one 16th of an inch about the thickness of a penny >>> 200 people turned out at a community meeting to your an update a spokesperson for chevron confirmed of those silicon content may have caused the corrosion and poor communication within the company may be partly to blame >>> does not appear this information was effectively understood and acted upon >>> many residents are skeptical >>> right now we're fed up we are angry and i'm trying to be calm >>> chevron must assure us we are protected it scares the heck out of me to look out my window >>> chevron disputes a report that it intentionally by past air quality monitoring equipment the company says all flaring operations are videotaped and open to federal inspection and no reason the company would do such a thing. mark sayre cbs 5 >>> southern california man to spend almost two decades
in the saw his tennis career come to an end to he retires afterwards with emotional goodbye for the fourth u.s. open champion. deadweight >>> football defending super bowl champions kicking off the season against the cowboys from was a much better quarterback in september and december. her if the 307 yds and three touchdowns to miles austin and dallas spoiled the party 24 to 17. did we last night jim harbaugh is why sarah gave birth to jack harbaugh named after his father the old sac weighed in at 8 lbs. 4 oz 8 8 lbs. 8 ounces now dad can focus on repairing the packers this sunday. users. >>> of thinking 10 days early which is expected the good ones like to come in early. great job to my wife sarah s fiddle but of retiring. wild horses couldn't have done this way from this game coming up this sunday. >>>,,,,,,,,,,,,,, a lot of people name their cars. mine should be sporty. maybe i'll give mine a name. something hot. ya know, i could name it the dragon, or the green machine. oh! i'm british racing green, actually. just to show i appreciate all...uh, turtle does. turtle? turtle gets me to work
but some of the coins as old as the 1940's and collector pieces the actual value i'm sorry 1840, the value expected to be much greater one survivor a cousin living in san rafael parent >>> paul deanno care what do union city palo alto and they wore have been common? they did not break 70 degrees today. a beautiful,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ♪ most paints have color that sits on the surface. but nothing beats benjamin moore's color lock technology that locks color right in, no matter how often you wash it. color lock technology. exclusively from your benjamin moore retailer. win a design consultation with me, candice olson, at benjaminmooresweeps.com. in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our less led to the
alto mid to upper seventies for concord on the creek san ramon antioch and only the '60s softly a 66. simmer fell 73 degrees warmer eighties and seventies and the son they will cool back down again for one day before we warm up next week how about sports with dennis? >>> have bigger your biceps to me a favor and measure them and a co,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the gas could be online the last 10 games and hit detroit new york taxes all world series contenders oakland thought they had break when they left after two innings but agassi off cabrera hit that one of the lake superior and that was just his warmup laps. aid to taggers when cabrera strikes again grand slam of jesse job as the tigers win 12 is to encourage and gets his first loss of the year but the a's still have the wild card lead your a rower. >>> these guys in synch? >>> they look good. not is in sync as the giants is pretty healthy now. >>> them 81 to nothing the sense that there is set out in his resemblance to come before he beldam now with the bases loaded and the double play the giants went 663 when saddam 10 wins now ma
career come to an end to he retires afterwards with emotional goodbye for the fourth u.s. open champion. deadweight >>> football defending super bowl champions kicking off the season against the cowboys from was a much better quarterback in september and december. her if the 307 yds and three touchdowns to miles austin and dallas spoiled the party 24 to 17. did we last night jim harbaugh is why sarah gave birth to jack harbaugh named after his father the old sac weighed in at 8 lbs. 4 oz 8 8 lbs. 8 ounces now dad can focus on repairing the packers this sunday. users. >>> of thinking 10 days early which is expected the good ones like to come in early. great job to my wife sarah s fiddle but of retiring. wild horses couldn't have done this way from this game coming up this sunday. ,,,,
Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)

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